Monday, August 31, 2009

Gulf Coast Tuna's

As you might remember early this month while out in the Gulf of Mexico , about 30 miles out ,Barry lost a motor and we limped back in ,He re powered last week and went deep on Saturday.

Here's Gulf Coast Tunas , Amberjacks , Lings , Dorados and Kings , not a bad day in the Gulf .

With the new motors the fuel mileage Doubled , old motors gave only 250 round trip miles . now it's around 500 plus . Giving us more ability to get further out to the shelf where the waters goes from 250 feet and then drop sharply to over 1500 feet to 2000 feet in places. I was not able to make this trip but did get some pictures of some Black Fin Tuna's

The driveway lay out shot ,

A nice 29 pound Ling. Some old timers refer to this as "Chicken of the Sea"

The tunas one was 16 pounds and the other 21 pounds

The new motors ,Make things better for sure, and safer to boot.

This bad boy can fly in 3 to 4 foot sea's and never get wet.

Jason got stuck cleaning some fish .

The 2 tuna's

Brandon's son checks out the catch .

We are going to grill some fresh Tuna steaks tonight , This is of the things I will miss in the mountains Fresh seafood !!!

and that's the way it is !

cheers !



  1. Hey D, Are you crayz? what are you trying to do to me? if I get to remembering about fishing then I will abandon everything and just fish. I fished every day for 1 year in alaska, and then most of my free time I was fishing other places. you really got a great life style! sorry I havent posted for a while but I been out of town and busy now.

  2. Yea I know.

    It truly will be the only thing I "will" miss living on the coast !

    Barry my fishing bub who onwes the boat has proptery in the mountains also , he wants to keep the boat another 5 years , so at least I know we will make a few trips back to Galveston or Freeport over the next 5 years or so .

    I saw you went for a ride over the last few day ! Good trip i hope ?



  3. yeah was a nice ride , got hot but was fun.