Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve in the Mountains 2009

Harvesting some fuel from a downed oak up on top.

Happy New Year's to all.

We have been here in the mountains for 5 days now and looking forward to Celebrating tonight our accomplishments this year.

I started this blog in July this year and today is 100 days of postings.

Made a decision to hold off on wall and roof till February as the weather next week will not be productive on top .

My wife got to see and walk on her Christmas present Tuesday morning after the snow had covered the floors.

Thanks to those who have followed our journey the last 6 months.

A couple doe's stand off with each other Tuesday morning.

Deer gotta eat to.

We only got about 2 inches on our site.

Our daughter loves this kind of weather.

This photo washed out as I was standing in a cloud.

I enjoy a cup of coffee while my wife checks out the views.

I stand on the upper floor looking to the West.

What to expect next winter except I'll be standing the house by then !

I point at Barry driving around in the snow on his 4 wheeler coming up the driveway.

Always good to see your bud.

I play with my new "baby nikon" up on the pad

Was good to come back and not be bossing a crew this trip.

The lovely Mrs Denziel stands in the clouds as they role over the rockslide and up our mountain.

and that's the way it is .


Happy New Year's


no need for a weather report , it's cold and been snowing.

see ya next year. with plenty more to come.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

9 Hour Day and Finished !

Finished the floor today at 6:00pm.

Here are some shots today.

And that's the way it is.
High temp 51*
current temp @ 8:37 pm 34*

December 17th Moving Right Along

Yesterday required lots of manpower as we move to the second level and higher work elevations. The lower level @ 24 ft X 44 finished floor will top out at 112" above raw ground, Lots of ladder work for today Saturday 18th.

Hoping to blow this out by 5:00pm today

The crew arrives for the Chuck Wagon I do every morning @ 9:00 am.This morning the temps are still in the 30's.

After a full belly everyone heads back up the mountains.

The 24' x 24' upper deck is complete , good helicopter pad ?

A shot from the back side elevation about 6010 feet .

I'll post again tonight, Sorry for not replying to comments ,but I'll get to them soon.

and that's the way it is.



low yesterday.39*

high 67*

low this morning 27*
current @10:55 44*