Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 3 New construction

Managed to get 6 hours with the crew today. Got the footprint established and set the pier blocks. Last minute red lines on site selection moved the building 100 feet to the north and up hill 50 feet to the east. Lost only a few good trees but will use them for heating next year.

Got a ton of things to do , to keep this freight train running.

Last night Tom grabbed these first 2 shots about 6:00pm off the porch

These should get gumo's attention!

The cat likes running water ? Glad I brought him .

My friend WB blessed me with a gift of" tractor work" (Thank's WB) so I could get Spencer's rig up the hill. My first look at the road.

The crew is right on time " early "

Need to get up this mess with materials and tools .

Had to pull out the good old cordless saw and trim a few limbs and the fight begins.

We looking good now .

Materials arrived soon after the crew.

Thanks Mike, see ya soon .

We found the right spot.

Love it when a plan comes together.

Elevations where as predicted during the planing .
A split level was in the plans from the beginning. I now have a complete design.
Just did not know until the transit was on site.

A look up from pad level.

The second row going up.
If interested the base shot line was @ 16.250" first row, second row shot @ 40.375" .

Rolling up with good progress the first day.

I'll try to keep ya updated as we go.
and that's the was it is .
current temp @ 9:40pm 36*
low this morning 30*
high today 59*


  1. nice location! you got alot done.

  2. Oh, yes your photos got my attention and my best wishes for a Blessing on your new home. I am watching it like it were gonna be mine. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello OGT and Gumo.

    Thanks for the kind words Gumo.

    Hey Marc everthing going OK ?

    got to get up the hill so I'll catch up later