Wednesday, December 16, 2009

8 Hour Day .

Had a good 8 hour day with the crew.

Good progress today while taming the contour of our mountain slopes in Texas.

A lot of pic's today to archive the progress made.

The first shot I took this morning.

I made a trip to town for hardware , thought the road had improved after all the traffic yesterday.

The bedroom started taking shape during my trip to town.

The slopes needed constant control point shots as we moved down hill.

A few floor joist's started to arrive uphill on the far end of the house.

Still making progress all hands on deck.

Squaring things up to Spencer's .000" tolerance.

Second half of bedroom floor joist sitting on solid footing.

Now things are starting to become reality.

The construction on raised floor foundations standards are shown in this pic.
Heavy Duty !

Some bracing on center control point. This will soon become a 5 point main support.

The view to the West.

And lets look to the North !

The same center main in the bedroom is growing as I take this.
These tapered pier and deck blocks offer many support configuration options.
If you decide to build on a contoured slope consider the advantages of using this footing design for "dead weight" loads.
You need to have load calculations for your foot print (you have to have this ). This needs to be performed by a qualified structural engineer or a friend like Spencer .(lol).
He builds custom homes in Central Texas.We have been friends back to the Terlingua day's.
If you have a custom build out that's needs a contractor, leave a note.

Our cut man "Cuz"

Tom eyes a board before it's landed and nailed off .

The freeze board you see will be the sub-level floor elevation.

Great day !

This was my first impression after the stick-wood was completed for the bedroom, Ya !

Another look at the block foundation options and standards.

Our site required 21 footings on 12 feet with 2x10 double bond beams, 2x10 floor joist at 16" o/c .
It's strong.
Roll up and time for the Chuck Wagon.

Tom had a pretty tough day , but stills for the camera

More tomorrow.
and that's the way it is.
today's low 29*
today's high 58*
current temp @ 9:50pm 34*


  1. Spectacular! I feel like I am watching the Waltons or Little House on the Prarie. I am envious!

  2. Beautiful! Love to see work in progress! What a progress of SKILLED labor.

    Did you have to do compression tests on site to determine that the tapered blocks would suffice for your home?