Friday, April 30, 2010

Phase ll Construction Upper Pad

Back at it again.
The Crew comes in tonight for 15 days.This should get us dried-in and ready for the interior.
I'll try to post day to day on the progress.

Going to Trelingua tomorrow for the funeral and right back to start up on Monday morning...

Got my base station up and running yesterday afternoon.

Got some dirt work to take care of during this trip...

=">T>And Tom is returing to lend a hand once again.

and that's the way it is.



Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring on the Gulf Coast

After my long break I'll try to catch ya up on our Winter and early Spring to date.

As you may know my mothers health and age was a main concern and focus on this Winter. She is now well and living in a retirement community near her birthplace in East Texas.
She had lived in the same home for 49 years.The same uninterrupted telephone number also, It was hard to say goodbye to it and all the folks along the way.I grew up in that home.

Another note about the loss of a friends daughter was hard to take.Still dealing with it,Going to the funeral in about a week in the Terlingua Gost Town.

At the same time I'm firing up the crew to do the frame out on the upper pad starting May 1 st.

I have included pic's taken over the last few months if you care to scroll down..

Sunrise on the Gulf of Mexico Tuesday morning around 6:55am.

The water like a sheet of glass.

The Gulf was like duck water @ 50 miles, A pleasant boat ride...

A rare scene as a group of schooling red snappers started to get excited after we chummed to water with sardines looking for some kings and lings.

A couple of nice snappers at 11 miles.

Scroll down...

Almost a record for Texas waters. 34 inch girth 37 inches and over 30 pounds.

Current record Texas record 36 pounds, 37 1/2 inches same girth.

Started an old hobby up again, got to love it. 2 way radio and all the cool things you do along with it.

Still got the touch when it comes to modifications...

My radio shop , my wife told me it could only open on Saturday mornings at this point.
Make , break and there ya go, more channels...

Looks clean to me...

Spring Break , what the hell ?

These guys came in the night before the storm decided to drop some snow overnight, I snapped this while we where warm and cozy as the temps were in the low thirty's. Like I said it's Spring Break... Anyway as a rule the last snow is usually around Easter weekend up here.

As I made a water run this might give ya an idea how cold it was.

This windmill still in use for the fire dept water truck.

The only flag I fly now...

As usual we always eat well at the cabin, Below is some Mexican rice.

The beginning of some red pork, A Native Indian recipe from a good friend in Houston. She is Pueblo from New Mexico, Man this is some good stuff...

As the dish comes together the visual is mouth watering, and the taste even better.

The finished plate...

Hope you guys enjoyed your Christmas , New Years and Easter holidays.
and that's the way it is...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life, Death and the Comming of Old Friends...

A Bit of Sad News has come to the Gulf Coast Area.

I got news tonight of a friend,whom I have known since she was 17 passed away yesterday afternoon.

The funeral will be held in the Trelingua Gost Town Cemetery , Terlingua TX.

At this time my thoughts are with the family. I'm glad I still have a support group and friends on the border during this tragic time in West Texas.

Jenifer was 33 years young and great fun to hang with.

To Gay, Vicky, Judy ,Elana , please may the Lord comfort you through the following weeks, As you all are in my prays... May She Rest In Peace!

Love to you all in the unforgiving "High Desert's" of far West Texas...

This in tribute to my close friends tonight...Hang Tough that's what she would have wanted.

Your Friend Always Bruce and Family.