Friday, April 30, 2010

Phase ll Construction Upper Pad

Back at it again.
The Crew comes in tonight for 15 days.This should get us dried-in and ready for the interior.
I'll try to post day to day on the progress.

Going to Trelingua tomorrow for the funeral and right back to start up on Monday morning...

Got my base station up and running yesterday afternoon.

Got some dirt work to take care of during this trip...

=">T>And Tom is returing to lend a hand once again.

and that's the way it is.




  1. OGT said you were coming down here for the funeral. Hope you can make it here and maybe go with us to the fund raiser at the legion tonight? Should be several local musicians and a donation of $5 gets you a meal. I had the wrong web address on your blog and it kept coming up to the same page when I clicked the link. Now that I have that straightened out you'll be hearing more from me. ;)

  2. Thanks TexasMan ,I like it to...

    I was down at the Trading Post after the service to hook up with Marc.I didn't see him on the porch. I think about 3:45pm when I split.

    I needed to spend some time with Gay and Vicky, and was running late.