Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Day in the Mountains

Happy Thanksgiving Day to All !

Our day started off by looking at the load on the trailer that needed to be inside on Wednesday night , but the time got us and was left as a chore for this morning.

Was unable to write a post yesterday as my dinner kicked my ass about the time A&M and U.T. started the second half.

The bed was a perfect fit for the room.

The matching dresser gave no reason for another closet in the bedroom.

The coffee table has an excellent view to the north.

The window on the south looks up the mountain.

My wife can cook a turkey, and that's the way it is !

This year Barry had the celebration at his pad , as I look over the the goods ,Quality control ya know.

We had plenty for all !

As tradition a game of "Chicken Foot" followed the feast along with a few holiday drinks on the side

A good shot by surprise .

We saw it coming this time and smiled for the camera.

Now that's a picture worth a thousand words !

A shot of "The Girls" laughing at the men on the catwalk.

A view from Barry's back porch looking to the North.
Looking down off the catwalk to the box canyon.

A look to the N.West.

And not to be left , out a shot down !

and that' the way it was yesterday.
Low temp 29 degrees Thursday.
High 57 degrees.
Low temp Friday am 39 degrees
Current temp @ 4:35 pm 63 degrees.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Day before Thanksgiving 2009

Had time to pick-up the bedroom suite from one of my friends this morning.

Got started on carpet and pad, followed by electrical trim-out ,to 85% completion of bedroom.

and that's the way it is !
Low today 29 degrees
High today 60 degrees
Current temp 39 degrees @ 9:08pm

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Down to the Nitty Gritty on this Project

Day started off in the cold mountain sun.

Today was a very busy day for the girls and myself.

Our goal of completion by Wednesday is going to happen.

Enjoy the pics and appreciate the effort put fourth as a family with vision moving towards something special.

The start today was cold , but the sun was shinning on this project.

Texture on walls.

I finish tape and bed on north wall.

The girls were moving as fast as I could tape and bed.

I start the back wall.

The wall goes quickly.

I'm starting the trim out on the cut-in to the new room

Wall finished and sheet rock is textured and ready for paint.

Paint is moving along.

Looking like something now.

Nice work girls , paint looking good.

Window trim out tomorrow. Then the carpet goes down.
and that's the way it is.
cheers !
Low temp @ 5:25 am 29 degrees.
high temp @ 2:50 pm 61 degrees.
current temp @ 9:02 pm 34 degrees.

More tomorrow.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sheetrock Day

Got a late start today.

Had to go into Ft Davis for sheet rock and mud.

The rest is , Well sheet rocking a 12x12 room. not the favorite thing in my bag of tricks!

and that's the way it is

low temp today @ 5:30 am 52 degrees
high today in Ft Davis @ 1:45 pm 68 degrees.
the cold front expected tonight with lows in the 20's

More tomorrow.