Sunday, November 22, 2009

Back for a week in the Mountains

Back at work after 10 days off in Houston.(lol)

Finally finished "The Move" with the last trailer load delivered to Ft St,

The annual Thanksgiving pilgrimage to the mountains is now in progress.

Will begin another round of construction on cabin addition during our stay.

Rough-in electrical was first on the list.

Thought i needed a light in back for this build-out.

Necessary tools for quality workmanship.

Just the stuff behind the wall , Magic for other's.

Switch station for overhead lighting and ceiling fan.

The insulation moving along nicely.

Completion on rough-in electric and insulation 6 hours done!

Staining 1x6 # 3 white wood for ceiling and back wall for today's chore, No church today as the girls made town around 5:00 pm Saturday, we slept in this morning.

Going with sheet rock to the ceiling on side walls, should be done with the wood work by tomorrow afternoon.
and that's the way it is !

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  1. fast work! I used to insulate when I was a kid (17) I did it for a living and your work is better looking than mine. but I was getting paid per sqft and only wanted to pass the inspection.