Monday, November 23, 2009

Sheetrock Day

Got a late start today.

Had to go into Ft Davis for sheet rock and mud.

The rest is , Well sheet rocking a 12x12 room. not the favorite thing in my bag of tricks!

and that's the way it is

low temp today @ 5:30 am 52 degrees
high today in Ft Davis @ 1:45 pm 68 degrees.
the cold front expected tonight with lows in the 20's

More tomorrow.


  1. how does your new addition stay warm? you burnin wood now in the house?

    I got problems with the permit on this project and wont get enough days to go texas. It'll have to wait until december now. I thought I was gonna be able to leave today but now it looks like late wed .

  2. Just curious, but how do you get Internet in the DMR? Thanks.

  3. Hey gumo.

    I thought you knew I have high speed via wireless microwave tower @ 250 + kbs.

    OGT sorry your plans did not find ya out here.

    Going to lay carpet in the morning.