Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Day in the Mountains

Happy Thanksgiving Day to All !

Our day started off by looking at the load on the trailer that needed to be inside on Wednesday night , but the time got us and was left as a chore for this morning.

Was unable to write a post yesterday as my dinner kicked my ass about the time A&M and U.T. started the second half.

The bed was a perfect fit for the room.

The matching dresser gave no reason for another closet in the bedroom.

The coffee table has an excellent view to the north.

The window on the south looks up the mountain.

My wife can cook a turkey, and that's the way it is !

This year Barry had the celebration at his pad , as I look over the the goods ,Quality control ya know.

We had plenty for all !

As tradition a game of "Chicken Foot" followed the feast along with a few holiday drinks on the side

A good shot by surprise .

We saw it coming this time and smiled for the camera.

Now that's a picture worth a thousand words !

A shot of "The Girls" laughing at the men on the catwalk.

A view from Barry's back porch looking to the North.
Looking down off the catwalk to the box canyon.

A look to the N.West.

And not to be left , out a shot down !

and that' the way it was yesterday.
Low temp 29 degrees Thursday.
High 57 degrees.
Low temp Friday am 39 degrees
Current temp @ 4:35 pm 63 degrees.


  1. Looks like I missed out.

    I did find some 12 volt deep cell batts today for 97 a peice. 500 amp hrs for $300 bucks sounds like a good deal.

  2. the place is comming out great. bet you guys slept like babys.

    the batts were gel batts by the way but Im not buying them.

  3. Glad ya passed on the 12 volt batts.

    The place stays pretty warm, the wood stove works better now we have more sq footage,I only have to open 1 window instead of 3.(lol)



  4. Oh yeah much more efficient burn now, most people have too large of a stove a smaller stove burning at its best is more efficient.

    Im taking a break from posting for a while. and I am gonna start slowing down on comments. you got my phone give me a call when you want.