Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Down to the Nitty Gritty on this Project

Day started off in the cold mountain sun.

Today was a very busy day for the girls and myself.

Our goal of completion by Wednesday is going to happen.

Enjoy the pics and appreciate the effort put fourth as a family with vision moving towards something special.

The start today was cold , but the sun was shinning on this project.

Texture on walls.

I finish tape and bed on north wall.

The girls were moving as fast as I could tape and bed.

I start the back wall.

The wall goes quickly.

I'm starting the trim out on the cut-in to the new room

Wall finished and sheet rock is textured and ready for paint.

Paint is moving along.

Looking like something now.

Nice work girls , paint looking good.

Window trim out tomorrow. Then the carpet goes down.
and that's the way it is.
cheers !
Low temp @ 5:25 am 29 degrees.
high temp @ 2:50 pm 61 degrees.
current temp @ 9:02 pm 34 degrees.

More tomorrow.


  1. hey bro.....looks like you're having fun....how long you gonna be down for this trip?

  2. You and family did a nice job. Is it warm in the addition? Whats the family think about being out there lately? Are they looking forward to being out there full time?

  3. Hellow jw.

    Ya , Thanks for the cheer ,things are moving quickly on this little project ,ya know the colder it gets?

    We are dowwn till this Sunday and I'm back again next week for some ground work on upper pad.

    Would love a drop n and visit time in south county,but not till next year. Good luck with the neighboors exchanging vow's next week.



    OGT hey bro , heck yea its warm and tight and yes we have been burning wood for years here,

    Buy the time we move out here the nest will be empty and looking forward to the slow pace the west Texas area has to offer.can't wait!