Friday, May 21, 2010

The last few days of the Frame-out

Sorry for the delay, Got home and went right back to work.

Bunch of pic's to look at and progress as you look.

My wife caught this on her way in on Sunday 05-09-10 @ 6:pm.
Ft Davis Fire was arriving at the same time she stopped and took these...

The home on top survived the lighting ignition that started this one.

A few shots off the front porch at the cabin

From the road.
Tom relaxing while doing the washer and nail game.

A shot from behind the site looking West.

The winds were a problem during the entire trip.

Working up...



Another from the road.

Washers is cheaper than the bar...

Got my hat on for luck.

The future kitchen.

Show me what ya want !!!

Our first breakfast in the bedroom.

A special touch was the 90 degree stairway to the bathroom from the kitchen and dinning area.

A look down at the same...

Another look.

The last piece of decking goes on smooth.

Same thing finished with this...

and that's the way it is.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 13 beat up for now...

Day's are long and the winds have been 20+ since Saturday.

Got a lot to share, but no time to do it...

Things are moving along a planned, Time is running short and 12 hour days are catching up with the old man.Working on 13 straight days....

and that"s the the way it is.



Saturday, May 8, 2010

Framing Day 5 and 6 05-07/08-2010

Long days...


Every now and then they catch me, Hard to hide in this one...




Spencer was here...

Busy in the mountains.
See ya on Monday morning
and thats the way it is.