Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 13 beat up for now...

Day's are long and the winds have been 20+ since Saturday.

Got a lot to share, but no time to do it...

Things are moving along a planned, Time is running short and 12 hour days are catching up with the old man.Working on 13 straight days....

and that"s the the way it is.




  1. My mind says "I can!, I can!" while my body says "No Way!, No Way!".

    Looking good!!

  2. Wow Bruce, I had not had a chance to check on your progress and I am truly amazed.

    For some reason I thought you were going to be building a modest cabin...I had no idea your house was going to be this big.

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  3. I told you itll be built by the time I get there. maybe 2-3 weeks for me to get there.

  4. how about an update with some pics.