Friday, May 7, 2010

Framing day 4 05-06-2010

Got the interior walls hammered in yesterday. I can feel and vision what we have designed.

Today Spencer and I will do the stem walls for the kitchen and bar.

Weather was HOT today,but the winds gave us a break.

Roof package arrives today and a long day for Saturday.

Using full 10 foot walls the home has a wonderful feeling about it.

A friend working field service for the U.S.Border Patrol stopped by to visit. Sorry no names for this dude...

Spencer ,Tom and George working on the library.

We decided for a 6 foot cased entry between the music room and the great room

A look into the largest room in the home,Soon to be the kitchen,dinning and entertainment center

Late in the afternoon the crew is about to roll up for the day.

George is ready for some chow...

Another look into the kitchen area.

This triple 3'0-5'0 window will be the view from the kitchen....

All in all a great day in the mountains.
High temp 93 degrees.
and that's the way it is.


  1. Taking shape quickly!

    Can't wait to see roof go on...but will have to!

  2. look at you go!

  3. Looks great! Beautiful country. I came across your blog in the last few months & have really enjoyed going back & reading all you have done with the 1st cabin etc. I lived in Seabrook in the early '80s, so it was great to see the pics of it.
    I've done alot of framing in my days, & have been enjoying watching your dream home go up!

    Wish i was in the area & could pitch-in & help for the pure pleasure of spending time in your beautiful area. I may take you up on your tour guide services one day!