Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cabin Addition Ceiling For Today !

Back at it again, No rest for the weary!

Started off staining 48 2x6x12' # 3 white wood planks for ceiling and rear wall on the addition.

This is what we started with this morning.

Had a few strips of insulation to complete "that" part of it !

Well worth the effort and expense .

My daughter was the "Lucky" helper today as we moved through this section.

We had a great time this morning.

Love the extra help and of course it's cheap !

Nail it off and get another one , Let's Go !

Ceiling fan pig-tail ready to go.

One step closer, Finish up rear wall tomorrow and start the rock in the afternoon,

and that's the way it is.

Current temps 59 degrees @ 6:02 pm
Low this morning 39 degrees @ 5:40 am


  1. beautiful ceiling! you verathaned it first, and you hid the nails in the groove/tongue? I luv air nailers, I almost bought one the other day. but didnt. So many different ones out there. I dont really want to just get a finish nailer or a framing nailer. some finish nailers come with compressor and three finish pistols. dont know what to get really. should I get a hitachi ,passload,coil,or dewalt. I gues I can get by with a hammer for the small amount of framing I'll do. Maybe I should get a roofing gun. anywayz nice job!

  2. Hey OGT,

    Those are 1x6x12' #3 white pine. there cheap compared to t&g pine. a 12foot # 3=$6.29 and t@g 5 1/2"x3/4"x 8'= $5.90.Ya get a lot more coverage with the # 3 pine

    We stain with poly then use the finish nailer, The trick is closing the gap on the cheap boards with curls sometimes out buy over 1".But I got a secret for that!

    Ya can't go wrong with the porta-cable tri set with finish f250b nailer , stapler ,and brad gun ,with pancake compressor. on the side go to e-bay and find you a framer for about 150.00 bucks, porta cable fr350a 22 degree nailer shoots the less expencive paper taped duofast full head nails.Love coil guns but only use these old school guns for my needs,If i was doing this for a living i would own several coiler's and a wide crown 2" stapler.

    You can put together a set of air guns and compressor including a framer for 350.00.
    Catch the set on sale a Home Depot for about 200.00 e-bay the framer for about 150.00 ,porta cable is a good home onwers choice. no need for a roofing gun out here ,

    See ya around