Thursday, December 3, 2009

Spencers Adventures "Grilling 101"

Been busy as a cat on a hot tin roof the last 90 day's.

My wife went through a major surgery and is now completely recovered and all is well in our lives.

Moved 3 times to get here and got 1 more before the mountains become our permanent home stead.

On one of my trips to Ft D i stopped by Spencer's in the central Texas Hill Country for a night of fun with the guys.

While there I got a story so funny it hurt to listen and view the seen , It's kinda like Arlo Guthry and Alice's Restaurant.

Also while there I meet a new friend "RB".

A very talented musician , Playing internationally, living in Europe , just in for a visit with Spencer. was entertained for the entire evening with both RB and Spencer playing while I sat back and chilled

This first set of shots is what happens when you get a bad propane bottle.
This is no joke !

Also if you where deciding weather or not to use Hardy Board on your house this may help ya decide!!!!!

The Fire Marshal ruled it was a "Faulty Bottle"

This is a pile of melted magnesium and plastic on a wood deck.

Here is the culprit

According to Spencer's account . He warmed the grill up for a rack of ribs.

In the kitchen prepping the meat, Done and ready to hit the fire, walking out towards the pit just at the back door KA- BAM !!!!!!!!!
The pit exploded , and launched straight up into the air, releasing a mushroom cloud , Throwing him back and to the floor from the shock wave ,breaking the double pane windows and melting the gaskets. But that's not the end!

Next after the "First" explosion, the pit was falling back to earth and still on fire , Spencer's first and only thought was the house is BURNING!
You see by this time he was trying to get the water hose around to the back porch and save the home.
But the propane tank had a mind of it's own. Fresh refill on the bottle and now it's really getting hot ! theses things have a overpressure safety release so they won't explode ??? as there were no neighbors home to see or hear the accident ,or to help! the fricking bottle let's the over pressure safety plug go and a full bottle of propane is shooting a flame 40 feet long down the side of the house, Melting any thing that was not made of Hardy Board.

A look from where Spencer was saved from a direct blast from the grill. notice all the melted vinyl and bare roof joist from the intense heat . everything melted!

From this view you can see how close this was to the structure, the Hardy Board saved the house.

The rest of these are a little lighter. The bird traveled with me that week.

Meet RB aka "The Feather" in Europe. RB has played with Billie Joe Shaver, Willie Nelson, and a few more I just can't remember them all.

We share a cheer and a new friend has come into my life, We had a great time that night. We wanted to grill the steaks that night But !!!!!

As you can see it was a music kinda night and I was there to take it all in.

These kinds of days are often not documented , But this one was!
and that's the way it was.


  1. I put hardy on everything, too bad all these apartments in the 70s didnt have it.

    man you got some great friends. looks like a good time.

  2. lucky u didn't burn the place down

  3. I am busy drawing up plans for our new house and I had already speced hardie. This just confirms I was correct!

    Looked like a real fun time.

  4. Great blog and pictures! Enjoyed seeing the progress you've made..

  5. Hey there ,

    It could have been a bad seen.

    Hello to SurvialChick, thanks for the comment.

    OGT. I'll try to call ya soon

    Hello TexasMan.

    It's like nailing concrete to the side of your house great stuff and easy to work ,but it's hell on saw blades. (lol)

    Whats up Mike !