Monday, December 14, 2009

The First of the Materials Arrive on Site

Arrived Sunday evening and settled in for a quite night.

Today's chores where to get 700 pounds of pier blocks out of my truck and up to the upper pad site.

Tomorrow , Spencer , George and Dustin will get in by 3:00pm rounding out the crew for this build-out.

Home Depot has just about cornered the market on these tapered pier blocks . So I had to bring them with me from Houston.

My friend Tom and myself took care of that this morning

The first of many items to arrive this week.

Just checking things out.

That's better.

Next stop, To town and take care of some bizz with my friends at the lumber yard.

The start of our new place .

A few piers for foundation and floor

Robert has worked with me during this process of getting me just what I ordered.

Back from town and got a water run to boot !

Got tired of the old C.R.T. television and got a deal on a LCD for the cabin ,freed up a lot of space mounted to the wall.

A view into the room addition we worked on last week.

This will be a busy week here in the mountains for myself and crew.
Stayed tuned to see how things work out during the next week.
and that's the way it is.


  1. Can't wait to see your progress. You might watch what you say about your great place. I intend to come down and look at property there in DMR.

  2. As always I am impressed with all the meticulous work you do so was greatly relieved to see your jumble of wires at TV looked just like mine!


  3. Hey anonymous,

    If you need a tour , or a guide 35.00 bucks per hour will take ya any where ya want to go in the D.M.R .Made 70 bucks on the last floks looking for land out here , no joke !

    Hey TexasMan ,

    Glad to hear from ya !

    Thanks for the kind words. Sorry haven't had time for commments this week ,I'm sure you understand.

    Commpression test's you asked about would just show solid fields on the scope , bedrock shows at 14" below ground on row's 3 & 4 .no problems with 2750 psf on 21 placements. The ground has never been disturbed by man. Solid as the rock I built it on!

    Keep up I'm going to frame it out soon .