Saturday, December 19, 2009

December 17th Moving Right Along

Yesterday required lots of manpower as we move to the second level and higher work elevations. The lower level @ 24 ft X 44 finished floor will top out at 112" above raw ground, Lots of ladder work for today Saturday 18th.

Hoping to blow this out by 5:00pm today

The crew arrives for the Chuck Wagon I do every morning @ 9:00 am.This morning the temps are still in the 30's.

After a full belly everyone heads back up the mountains.

The 24' x 24' upper deck is complete , good helicopter pad ?

A shot from the back side elevation about 6010 feet .

I'll post again tonight, Sorry for not replying to comments ,but I'll get to them soon.

and that's the way it is.



low yesterday.39*

high 67*

low this morning 27*
current @10:55 44*


  1. My goodness I had no idea you were planning on building another residence, the views are fantastic.

    You got yourself a great crew out there. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank's MsBelinda

    Good to hear from ya .

    Been really busy during the holidays and difficult to compose anything or anwser comments.

    Hope your Christmas was pleasent and happy!



  3. Great Job bb. Bill said that the construction looks great!! You sure moved along pretty fast.
    It must be the good crew you had.

    Happy New Year to you and yours - see you on the

    Bill and Joy

  4. Hey There B & J.

    Thanks for the thumbs up.

    Yea got a good crew and it really helps up here.

    Have a Happy New Year and I'll stop by soon to visit.

    It snowed yesterday and it's windy today!!!


    Heard there was some action on

    "Toabacco Row" last week , hope all is well.