Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life, Death and the Comming of Old Friends...

A Bit of Sad News has come to the Gulf Coast Area.

I got news tonight of a friend,whom I have known since she was 17 passed away yesterday afternoon.

The funeral will be held in the Trelingua Gost Town Cemetery , Terlingua TX.

At this time my thoughts are with the family. I'm glad I still have a support group and friends on the border during this tragic time in West Texas.

Jenifer was 33 years young and great fun to hang with.

To Gay, Vicky, Judy ,Elana , please may the Lord comfort you through the following weeks, As you all are in my prays... May She Rest In Peace!

Love to you all in the unforgiving "High Desert's" of far West Texas...

This in tribute to my close friends tonight...Hang Tough that's what she would have wanted.

Your Friend Always Bruce and Family.


  1. Sorry to hear about your friend.

    Hope you are doing OK and staying busy.

  2. Thanks TexasMan,

    Good to hear from you...

    Yes It's sad indeed.