Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Traveling Texas

Didn't what ya to think I died, "Time" is at a premium right now and hard to come by.

Hey Marc, It was good to talk on Sunday!

Spending a lot of time in Jasper County the last 45 days due to family concerns.

Below are a few pics from a trip or 2 during my absence.

It's crawfish season out to the East , and this is a crawfish farm off I-10 near Beaumont TX.

In the small town of Buna near Jasper TX is a Veterans Memorial dedicated to all of the men and women whom have given there lives in defence our country,From the Buna community...

The project was funded by private donations, It's about 1 mile south of town on U.S.Highway 96. This can be seen from the highway anytime.
" Spring Break" is here for one last go around with our daughter, Ya know she is off to college in the fall this year.
So were heading west out to the mountains for the week , Need to check out the new floor and check for any settling before we start up again.
The new type osb has held up well during the fairly harsh winter we had this year, It was snowed on about 4 or 5 times along with the extra rain we so needed for the spring flowers to bloom.
Was told the low this year was 07 degrees.
I'll be posting live again very soon.
and that's the way it is.

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  1. died? well maybe thats why I called. ha ha to see, but nope yer alive and well. little girl going away to college. Too bad she wouldnt believe you if you told her all the colleges shut down cause of Obama. I guess Iwont rub it in any more. Have a good one. Oh and by the way, Ive been asked to perform at the slabs this weekend. I guess my practice has been working out.