Saturday, February 13, 2010

One for TexasMan !

Been burning up the county roads in Texas the last few weeks ,

TexasMan you always pick up on places I have traveled .

Any thing look familiar . I will be impressed ,but not surprised !

Clue = Texas "Golden Triangle" area.

Y'all have fun , I did!

The bridge is close to Baytown, TX and has a name.I just shot it on the way out .I know at least one guy will know it! Cool bridge !

and that's the way it is .


  1. I guess a polkadot house is the price of freedom too, oh well different strokes.

  2. I am at a total loss as to the name of the rail road lift bridge. I probably have seen it a hundred ties over the years and that may be a symptom of the problem.
    However, The Golden Triangle is well known to me and has Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Orange on each of its points of the triangle.
    Lots of good back roads in that area!


    TexasMan check out the link above.

    I had to submit the tip to roadside America last week , the anwser is with the link.

    The jack-up bridge is called "The Cedar Bayou Turnaround" near the Cedar Bayou Power Plant off old 565 , now toll rd 99 just east of Baytown.

    Ya got to love it Marc.

    cheers !


  4. hey got yer message I try to remember to call ya this weekend.

  5. I knew I had seen it before but could not retrieve from my vast memory array LOL!

    I kept thinking about the bridge over in Jefferson County but knew it did not look like it nor the surrounding terrain.

  6. good


    Both videos good to copy and paste in your browser.

    Im not a baptist , but what he said works