Monday, February 8, 2010

A Great Super Bowl Party with the Girls.

An unusual Super Bowl party for our place this year.

Our daughter and her friends joined us for the evening,The usual party favorites were put up ,instead pizza and home made lemonade took there place for this special group of young women.

These girls have been friends since elementary school. And this will be the last year that we can have fun with them in the comfort of our home. All are college bound this summer.

My normal game day starts with a brisket and all the fixing,hard liquor and mixers, football pots posted everywhere , loud talk about the game etc , etc , and a bunch of guys hanging out for the day.

I'm sure the talk was not about football !
But the Pizza was good !
Nice to be young, ya ?

Not camera shy!

As the game wore on , in New Orleans favor.

Internet time , and a visit with the bird, Halftime for the girls.

My wife caught that sailfish in Cabo ,Baja Mexico 2001

This was priceless.

The game almost over and out come the cookies and giggles.

What's on there minds ??????????????

One for the scrape book.

I must admit that this party did not set me back several hundred bucks and I woke without a hangover.
The women had a blast and I would not have traded it for the world.
Our time is limited with the group and will miss them as they enter the world at a dismal time for all Americans, The role of adults and the poor job market after college.
This group will help change what they can and strive for careers that can help , These women are our future ,They are AP students and all are above the College Board standards S.A.T. scores in the 2100 to 2200 ,
average score 1700 , perfect score 2400.
Lets all wish them peace and prosperity in the future , Thanks Denziel

and that's the way it is


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  1. Hey sorry I havent stopped in for a while. Been preoccupied lately, and aint been the same for awhile. Anyway good game!