Sunday, January 31, 2010

Man's Best Friend , "My Best Friend" !.

One year ago today at 1:35 pm on a mild winter day in Seabrook I had to lay to rest my best Friend , a female pure-bred Dalmation . Her name was "Dominique".

I have never talked about her on my blog, It saddens me 1 year later to look at these pic's taken over the years that Dominique traveled with the family across Texas.

I rescued her from an abandoned townhouse, in NW Houston in December 2003.Dirty and with an injury to her leg ,We think maybe trying to escape from the chain link fence.
The above photo is my very close friend Mike ,He was with me when we picked her up, There was always a special relationship between them when he came to the house.
I was not into digital photography when we first met ,but over the years many moments were captured on digital media. I am glad to write this and share the love she offered to my family during the next 6 years of her life.

Our vet estimated she was about 4 to 5 years old when God put her in our lives.
She never sleep outside again for the rest of her life.
She was never a problem and never demanded any thing from us but , Love !

She only gave, with no expectations other than food and water , But we spoiled her so much that her loss was devastating to our family to this day.
The pic's below tell a 1000 words.

This first shot taken at the McDonald Observatory near Ft Davis

A shot with Smythe and Taylor before a Fourth of July party in the Mountain's.

While we still were camping in Ft Davis.

At the Starlite Theater and Trading Post in Terlingua.

Behind the "Ghos Town" in Terlingua , ya that's the way it's spelled , Talk to Bill Ivey and verify.

A visit to Lake LBJ and a stop at Spencer's were some good times for her.

Many times we wore her out , but she never got bitchy or whined, It was just her nature.

She really didn't like the water until we started to camp and so you see , no problem

Another shot playing at Lake LBJ.

A day in the winter of 07 at the private beach we had in Seabrook.

With our Daughter as she exhibits an excellent pose and shows off her magnificent stance , She was a champion no doubt!
I use this shot as my laptop screen saver and will never change it !

I will always remember this day.

She shares her pillow with me while I jack around on my computer at the cabin.This was before I had even started to finish out the interior walls.

These shots were taken last year on the 31st.
My wife gently brushes her early that morning , Dominique had developed a tumor in her brain and was suffering inside more than I could take.
At this point in an animals life you have to make decisions for them, They can't call the Vet , You have too! Many people are selfish about finality of a beloved pet, But to let a loved one suffer is pure selfishness on your behalf.
I can not put into words how difficult the call to the vet to come to the home in Seabrook and have her euthanized in our home with all of us there for her last breath.

It was only the right thing to do. Remembering her as a strong member of our family. Not crumpled up in the corner of a cold vet hospital waiting to die alone.

She deserved better and it was my call as she gently asked me in her own way to make the call. I could just see it in her bloodshot eye's telling me that she was ready to go .

My wife was affected for many months, Her last picture with Dominique.

She rose late that morning hungry ,She had not had much of an appetite for days before I had already made the decision. I was glad to see her eat a can of food before the doctor arrived. Her head was swollen the day before and could not arrange this until Saturday afternoon.
It really gave me 2nd feelings about what I had put into motion.

She was a very beautiful lady and went out that way.

The last photo taken of my very special friend. As I said her eyes told me she was ready to go home for good , Bye Dominique. I still wonder if I'll be united in another life ?

I know most of us have had to deal with this at least once, for me this is the 5th dog I have outlived . It dose not get easier.
My wife and I have not tried to "replace" the empty spot she left in our hearts.

For this time I realize we can't replace Dominique .We can only remember all the good times spent with her, She was by far the most important dog I have ever had the pleasure of being associated with. She owned me!
Dominique now rests at the cabin looking over the property waiting for us to drive up the driveway and come home to her for good. A day not far in the future.
This has taken me several hours to process the emotional side of doing this today as the memories are still fresh.
This is by far the most difficult post for me to write . "My Good ol Dog" I miss ya .


  1. What a sad, tender, inspiring and tear jerking post this was. Dominique was a beatiful dog. I know that putting her to sleep was not easy but you did the right thing.

    Thank you for sharing this personal story.

  2. So sad. I too lost a dear doggie friend after 15 yrs and 3 mos. Never thought I could replace her, but this last 4th of July a wonderful, funny dog happened our way. Not the same, but just as wonderful. Keep your heart open for the next one to find you.

  3. I know what u mean , I dont even like talkin about it.