Thursday, January 28, 2010

The South Will Rise Again !

Hey OGT your right, Been working out in East Texas on a large sawmill job .

Doing well and making excellent $change$ in the progress.

Been out of town so much and have not really felt like writing about replacing
motors and controls on extremely large pulp machines, ya know it smells like s::t!

But to give you a idea just take a look at my friends machine shop.I spent many summers here while growing up with my grand parents.

This is a town that most city folk's Don't want to mess around in , If ya know what I mean !!!!

This is common down here and they "Mean It".

back in a few day's. then just waiting on the weather in Ft Davis to be a little kinder to work in.

and that's the way it is.




  1. I missed hearing from you. Thanks for posting.

  2. Old Glory in Texas, who woulda thunk it. They are taking down old glory every where in the south I never would have thought Id see it in Texas as much as you do.

    I know just what yer doin in the mill as I used to be the graveyard forman for a mill in the Spokane area when I was 26. Down time is money Down time. So they pay to get it done right and fast.

    You will have to tell me some stories over coffee sometime.

  3. Hey OGT, Some history of the flag I posted, sorry Im' not trying to correct ya but bear with me ,your looking at,

    "The Confederate Navy Jack" flag
    Used as a navy jack at sea from 1863 onward. This flag has become the generally recognized symbol of the South.Designed by the confederacy as a banner representing state's rights and still revered by the South. In fact, under attack, it still flies over the South Carolina capitol building today.

    Old Glory was the name adopted by The United States for our flag.please don't be offended there Marc, it's a southern thing.

    Hey there gumo good to here from ya , hope this finds you well.



  4. LOL,, yeah yer right. I've mistakingly on purpose been calling it old glory for a long time now. Its a southern thing. he he

  5. Ps I also call it the southern cross sometimes, lol

  6. What ever you want to call the flag, I still fly mine in South Georgia, and dam proud of it.
    Good to read your post again, was wondering if you forgot us.

  7. Hey There Caboose,

    I knew for some reason it would mean something to ya , coming from Georgia and all (lol).
    There were several Confederate flags and all are similar in style , The Confederate Battle Flag is my favorite, but all have the 13 stars with the southern cross on red background , just a little more defined white line behind the blue star field. also the other flags were square ,while the jack is elongated.
    Glad to know you understand how this works ,Good job with the jack at your house.That means something to me anyway !

    Hey OGT
    I'm back from East TX and going to put my new floor plan up here in a few days ,with the up grade for the split level we ended up using ,I think your going to like it.


  8. Didn't realize there were saw mills in Cherokee County. I'll have to get around more often when up there.

    Most often check out cemeteries up there and Angelina Co.

    Next trip up picking up glock 19 for my wife and I am fair shooter but she is just a 5'1" downright GOOD shooter! I am well protected with her armed beside me.

    When someone drives in driveway at homestead, that is one of the 2 flags they see [the other is the Texas flag]. Drives some Yankees crazy!

  9. TexasMan
    only one, that is the KirbyTemple near Jasper. trying to keep the locataion in the family.there used to be a papermill there untill 1987.

    good to hear from ya.


  10. TexasMan

    You got a good women there and glad to see you are a "Southern Man" with her by you side , one day we need to pop some caps and get better acquainted before ammo goes away ,for good . I'm a 45acp guy myself and "excellent marksman" @ 75 feet.

    Grandparents are entombed near Jasper County.

    Also glad to hear that the "Jack" is displayed at your home also.


  11. I wonder why the jack drives the yanks crazy?

    Education can do away with half the problems we got.