Friday, January 1, 2010

New Day ,New Year ,Here We Go !

Here we are , 2010 a new year forward , and goodbye to 2009 !

We spent a quite night by the fire and did little more than watch a good
Robert De Niro movie "Score".

Got cold last night and was helping a friend get his water running this morning.

Also started a brisket at Barry's for tonight's feast and dominoes game.

I took advantage of the nice weather this afternoon to work on the floor .

Finished through bolting the frame and installed 62 rafter ties (hurricane ties on the coast) on lower floor , getting ready to move on to framing and roof by February.

The wood burner with a 8" x 20" piece of oak. The coals have been hot for a week.

Getting ready for some very critical and necessary extras so this thing won't launch with the up to 80 mph winds that role through in April and May.

My daughter caught me working.

Tools for the heavy stuff, using 1/2"/ 13 x 8" carriage bolts for through bolts and 3/8" x 6" lags and washers to pin everything together

A look across the span.

These ties will connect the frame to the floor joist. This is code in most places today and mandatory for all coastal building. They will also be used on the walls to the roof joist making for a solid and sturdy building. Building codes call for 1 tie every four feet.
Yes , I know they are installed offset but on the floor they work fine and are easier to install, on the walls to roof they will be "proper" with left and rights used , all they had where rights in Ft Davis ya ya ya. I know !!!!

I have never used these ties for any type of foundation work until today.

A look down row 4 after the clips are installed.
Hurricane ties , lags and carriage bolts installed , but not finished yet.

Same thing.

Another look down row 4.

A look down row 5.

And a final shot before I go down hill , Well worth 4 hours of labor for piece of mine.

Low temp this morning 14 degrees
High temp 54
and that's the way it is!
Happy New Year.


  1. I would never have imagined that hurricane ties would be required out there. But with 80 mph winds I can see where it would be smart to use them. Won't build my home anywhere on inland coast with out them! My sister sustained Rita damage as far north as Lake Sam Rayburn.

    Happy New Year and continue with the great photos I learn a lot from you!

  2. Hello TexasMan ,
    They are "not" required out here , but I feel it a necessary and a sound building practice for all wood structures.I started out with 100 right hand clips and will need about another 75 to 100 to finish the walls to the roof,I will find about 50 or 60 left hand clips A.S.A.P. I used them on the cabin on every floor and roof joist . Made a sound structure .
    You been doing OK ,Happy New Year!

    Hey there OGT sorry I've not been able to catch ya but Happy New Year to ya also!



  3. I use simpson stong ties all the time in my line of work no matter where I'm at. Its a great idea! Lag bolts are cheap and can save a foundation faliure. I had 80 mile perhour winds comming off the Glacier 5 miles away from my cabin in Alaska and I was glad I built my foundation that way.


  4. Hey Thanks M,
    I thought you of all would appreciate the construction methods I am using on the Big House.
    On the double bond beams we glued with liquid nails then through bolted them with 1/2 inch hardware.I lagged all kickers to the post and used a case of liquid nails (29oz)on the floor alone.
    Wish you where here to lend a hand , build up some barter equity so when your ready to start yours ,you got the solar man for real cheap = free

    Take care



  5. Yeah Me too! But I'm stuck in hell ( california) at the moment and dont see an easy way out of my situation out here for a couple more months.

  6. Got yer phone message finally as I found the charger for my phone. I lost it when I got my new phone from work and just didnt check my terlingua line, happy new year and hope yer staying warm.

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    let me know what's on your mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.