Wednesday, January 13, 2010

From Houston to Ft Davis Christmas and New Year 2009/2010

Happy New Year to all.

Here is a collection of pictures from Houston to Ft Davis over the Christmas and New Year Holidays 2009 / 2010.

Starting in Houston area on Christmas Day.

My daughter and myself.

The Christmas ham making it's way to the table.

Got a point and shoot for quick shots on the run.

"Lucky Star's" got the new Dell this year.

And her and good "old" dad make the first boot-up and install software.

Just what I wanted ! for my wife , cuz I can't do it !

Food is always a good thing!

And a little cat nap for Ozzie.

It's getting serious at this table !

After I went back to the coast my wife took a few across the horizon as another storm decided to drop in.

She said it was not cold ? I beg to differ with her !

A clear to partly cloudy day in the mountains , cold and windy also.

A few hours later some more of the cold stuff drifted in.

Been busy working on final interior frame-out plans and letting the floor settle for about a month before I start up again , also when the temps drop into the teens I chose not to take part in all of this fun!
and that's the way it is.


  1. Some great pictures to save the moment. Was wondering when the work was going to get under way. But, you explain that it is to cold to work, I agree. Even here in South Georgia we have had some very cold days, low 18 degrees and no higher than 35 to 40. It is starting to warm up a little now where I can handle the outside to do my chores. Good to see y'all had a good Christmas and New Year, We did too. Do you know John Wells? He to is in South Texas see he's blog at the he is in study Butte Texas I believe you will like his site.

  2. Hello Caboose

    Yea I know good ol John Wells and been out to his place last July with my family. In another life I lived in Terlingua TX about 100 yards down the street from the Trading Post and Starlite Bar and Grill for 5 years.I worked the mining industry over by John. also the Study Butte Water Corp main RO system , pump station and storage as an electrical contractor back in 2000/2001.

    Next couple of weeks will find me off the coast and back in the mountains with truck and tools ready to frame and dry in site # 2.

    above is a link to the hot July day we spent at "The Field Lab" with my friend John Wells



  3. Nice pictures as usual. I know better than to read your blog when I am hungry because you always show some great food pics.

    Glad you and your family had a good christmas and New Year's. Thought of you guys last week with the cold snap. How low did it get in the mountains?

  4. christmas and new years was along time ago. whats been going on?

  5. Hey Ok I just found some time for a post.

    Good to hear from ya Marc

    Thanks MsBelinda, I was not out there,left the day before the ice formed. but was told 11 degrees after that front rolled in.

    cheers to all!