Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The "UNION PARTY" at the Hideout

Here are some photos taken back in 07 while we where still camping , and trying to figure what the heck we wanted to do with this piece of property .

This was the " first party" held at the hideout. that what my friend "Mike the Bike" named it.

After the many years I had spent in the area it was not hard to get some friends to come and help us celebrate and bless our place in the mountains.

The first 2 shots my wife got me pretty good , we were packing up and heading back to the coast , I asked her to snap a few of me lounging on the hammock to show off back in the city and here ya go !

First I'm up.

And then is all down hill.

Our humble screen room ,This thing was the most difficult tent I had ever erected before in my life ! It weighted about 35 pounds and had a mile of steel tubing , I had put it up only one time before , And I told this to my friend Joey.

"That's the last time I'll ever put this thing up again"
So I stake it good and strong as you can see and we left it up , thinking it would be good for a couple of weeks as we would be returning that soon , so I would not have to put it back up , all good , ya good idea !

Joey gave me a call about 10 days later and said,

"You know that tent ya said you weren't gonna ever put back again" I say Ya ? "Well don't worry , it's down by the bottom of your pad wrapped around a tree" long silence____
I say "o well ______________!" $#%%^!^%&$% !!!!
There was a storm that had passed with 60mph + winds "Gone with the Wind"

I don't care who ya are. "That's Funny" and that's Joey sitting and enjoying a hot dog.

Another buddy , his nick name is "Critter"

A look at the camp from a elevated spot on the site.

Another good friend from Alpine . Check out them sunburned legs .

Camping out in the mountains . In style if I don't say so myself !
The following pictures I refer to as "The Union Party"
I call them this because , There must have been about 5 or 6 men there , But only one , Me was working , But I was getting all kinds of encouragement's and ideas plus BS all at he same time .

I was damn determined to light this place up before sunset , and of course I did !

Our first party was a BLAST and all that made it out had a good old time.
Also if anyone read yesterdays post ,the tuna steaks and coconut fried shrimp were delicious !!!
and that's the way it is



  1. looks like you had a good time. Everything looks great just one problem, all the trucks look like chevys. lol