Sunday, September 20, 2009

We Made it Back a Little Early !

By Friday around noon we were leaving Galveston Yacht Basin and going deep , Our destination "The Flower Gardens" 118 nautical miles on compass heading 151 degrees out of Galveston channel. We will be fishing on top of a coral reef that rises over 320 feet from seabed to a depth a mere 60 feet deep on top of the Garden, lots of divers make this trip for the blue and great warm waters of the Gulf .

These shots are from the Galveston Ship Channel and some shots heading out,

These will be spread out over several day's , to take a photo opp is a big deal with a 2 man crew where are averaging 30 mph in 3 foot sea's , little choppy to take stills

Right out of the yacht basin .

Captain Barry .

Looking back at the entrance.

Closeup of the same .

In the channel.

A look at the bulkhead that protects the yacht basin.

A small tour boats with "Duds" aboard .

This shot is the Bolvier Ferry that connects Galveston Island to the mainland on the East side of the Island

Soon we are in blue water and cruising pretty hot on the throttle .

As you can see things are really serious and when you enter this type of hostile environment , you have to know that when ya commit to something like this ! your taking chances , This trip is not for the timid , its total Hard Core ! Barry's facial expression tells all !

After 2 days on the gulf I'm tired ,but the boats clean and ready to go again ,

Going to keep this one alive for a few days , got 300 pics from start to finish

I got some wonderful sunsets and lots of interesting and different views of life in the Gulf of Mexico .

and that's the way it is !

cheers .



  1. Glad you had a safe and enjoyable trip. I didnt even know there were blue waters in Galveston since the farthest I have ever ventures has been on the Bolivar ferry, lol, and the water is murky to say the least.

    Looking at that picture of the ferry brought back a lot of good memories.

  2. The guy with the serious look is doing ok. my face would be hanging over the edge. ever since I got off the seas in the kenai fijords I cant take it anymore. but those were 20 ft swells I was in and I had a bottle of pepto bismal permenantly attack to my mouth. Now the smell of pepto makes me sick just thinkin about it.

  3. Hey , MsBelenda glad you enjoyed !

    Off Grid , deep water yea , you sure have some travels to tell me about , Ok !

    you all stayed tuned it get's better belive me !

    funny , I'm posting sealevel pic's with a blog called "lifeat8000feet" so what I'm a Texan wtf ? there ain't no rules on this , is there ?

    I'm only here for another 8 months and I belive that if I don't take advantage of this now I may never have another shot again !

    cheer's ,


  4. yep, I wish I would have taken more pics when I was in Alaska. I will never forget those times.

    Do what you want. Your in the republic of Texas I think the constitution says We the People do what we want with a smile on our face.

  5. I know you had to have had a blast!

    I have looked forward to making at least a 24 hour trip out. We used to go out of Freeport but have heard that our guy is practically out of business.

    No one at work has a rig I would feel safe in getting only a couple of miles from dock in. The furtherest we went out was about 80-100 miles. We kept moving around in the days when you could keep 2 reds.
    Just like a roller coaster ride. We had a lot of our guys sick that day!

  6. Hey Texas Man
    I have been there but got "hooked on deep sea" ,I'll never go for less at this point in life .

    I have to go for it now or never see this again , and this will be my down fall , living close to the sea , I will miss the adventure although I dismiss the danger involved .

    I already have a plan to go totally off grid but not ready to share it now . but I'm on a course with a trend to be reliant only off the natural resources of my land and complete self sustainable living for the rest of my life , electricity , water and crops . They call me McGiver and I'm the real deal , spell check can't figure out McGiver , but you get the message !


    . bb