Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"The Strand" on Galveston Island .

Yesterday my new friends Rick and Debbie jumped on the bikes and hauled ass back to the the Gulf Coast . To ride " The Coastal Highway " from Freeport to Galveston across San Luis Pass .

This time without the Nikon on board , So no coastal shots ,

I met up with some friends in Galveston that had brought it to me. So I'm going to share some shots of "The Strand" .

The recovery from Hurricane Ike is almost complete on this part of the island .

Other sections still remain in ruins and may never recover .

At the end of the ride we all gathered at our home , I don't know what everybody is waiting for ?

Maybe the potato pie I built before we rode south this morning ?

Or Maybe , some ribs or brown paper bag chicken's off the smoker ???

Quite a spread for an electrician to put out , Not really , I have a few awards to back this up !!!

Just one of the many splendid buildings and style of architecture you will find on the island .

We sit and enjoy treats at The Soda Shop aka: "La Kings Drug Store".

This shot is the "Chocolate Factory" , Yea it's the real deal !!!

One of the many Texas Historical Markers along the streets on "The Strand"

Another shot in the same area ,The Strand and Treemont Ave .

Our group gathers out side the "Chocolate Factory" with the big fat bear !

This shot tells ya everything about how much water was on the island on September 13th ,2008

Rick and myself get caught off guard by a friend .

My Daughter and our new friend Andrew where having a great time on the outing .

This was just a cool picture .

"The Elissa" a Tall Ship , She calls Galveston her home port , There are only a few Tall Ships still seaworthy in existence in the world.

Another good day over the Labor Day weekend.
Good eats , good bike rides , good friends , and a Holiday for all whom Labor!!!

and that's the way it is !


  1. Real nice shots. That soda fountain shop looks like the one they refused to serve me in in Elk oklahoma when I was 17, on acount of my long hair. quote" we dont serve your kind here" lol

  2. Some of the best smoked ribs & chicken I've had in a long time, and that potato pie, yummm! Great food and great friends, a day we wont forget any time soon, thank you!!

  3. Thanks .H

    I was glad you , Rick and Andrew could find the time over such a busy holiday to spend on the coast with our tribe ! (lol)

    Do it again ???? and soon. Remember the 26th.

    Let me know .



  4. Hey Off Grid.

    Ya , I know my dad was from Oklahoma .

    He was "Hard Core" like I have grown to be , Guess it's true ,

    "the nut dose not fall far from the tree"

    later, (but i still got the hair) lol.