Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One Last Tour

I promised some shots of the coast last week, I got on the Wing this morning and took these ,
I clicked 160 j'pegs , here are a few to see.

Our home on Galveston Bay, and surrounding areas

All of this less is than 1 mile from our doorstep.

Our time on the coast is nearing an end , No more hurricane drills and a firm date to leave the NASA area along the upper Gulf Coast and only return for visits. I will miss such luxury's I have taken for granted since Hurricane Ike . Next week will be the one year anniversary on the 13th.

This is the park in our subdivision .

Great Seafood !!!!!

And "Thank You Very Much" Hurricane Ike !!!!!!!!

Good news for my Dell ,the HD is intact and readable , Got a power-up issue and will know soon the fate of my lap-top , no data loss this time , Yea !!!
and that's the way it is !
cheers !


  1. looks just like the tampabay area. I know what you mean about missing the water. but NOW you got rivers. The new land will make a river fisherman outta you yet. A real man fly fishes the rivers ya know. Or at least thats what we who are scared of the blue water say.

  2. Marc

    I wont be doing much fishing unless I'm in Mexico in the baja at Cabo.

    or here in the Gulf . the fish I use for bait are larger than what most call "keepers" on fly tackle .

    why ya scared of blue water ?



  3. lol@ fly tackle keepers. the answer sea sick.

  4. So that's it !

    Hey Marc ,

    you got no sea legs ?