Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Terlingua "GhosTown" 2006

When digging in my files and found a few "GhosTown" pictures during spring break in 06.

The 5 years I lived in the area were interesting to say the least.

Summer temps ran up and above 120 degrees in the shade during daylight hours .

I learned how to drink tequila up along with a cool Lone Star beer , yo !!!!

And yes that's a skill .

I met some really good folks during my stay and it was difficult to leave the desert and it's beautiful and tranquil way of life .

As you enter the small section Terlingua proper , Please note the spelling of "Ghostown" as one word , it's not "Ghost Town" unusual from the start , just wait until ya stay there for a few days , It gets better. Our daughter and friend along for the day trip 3 years ago.

An old friend Rob , He and a few others developed the horse shoe pits into a great past time sport , when ya got tired of hanging on the porch. just walk across the parking lot and get on a game , And by the way most of these guys can really play the "Game" !!!

der=0> The girls stand over one of many abandoned mine entrances that the TRRC sealed years ago, the shaft they are standing above is several hundred feet deep , hand dug in the 1930's ,the materian they were mining was called cinnabar , smelted and from this mercury was extracted.


"The LaKiva Bar and Grill"

And here is the entrance . Its steps down about 4 feet and then enters the bar area. This is a cool place to visit and eat dinner .

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and that's the way it is !


  1. I think it will be fun to visit both the GHOSTOWN and LaKiva Bar!

  2. Went to Lakiva on two occasion and LOVED it, but this was before DPS started to bring a whole fleet of troopers during chili-cookoff week. Since in my camp you are not going to get too many volunteer designated drivers, we now stay at the event for the duration.

  3. Ms Belinda,
    yea i know the security force has grown a lot the last 10 years and it sucks , when I was cooking that week we stayed in the site and only left early in the morning to get supplies and quickly return back to the scene of the crime and did't leave until the next day ! At cook-off time most of the locals don't venture out much.

    Hey TexasMan
    Both spots i featured are great fun and adventure.The GOSTOWN has a different tone to desert living only going there would define this answer ,

    At the LaKIva Bar and Grill every Wednesday they sponsor an Open Mike night with free music etc , you can also sample some of the
    BB-Q and a shot of tequila from the Tequila Bar.

    This is a one of a kind bar to say the very least , I also started Glen off with a new recipe and method for cooking his now Famous BB-Q back in 2000 .

    Thanks MsBelinda for following my site as I saw your name up this morning,

    TexasMan come on back anytime and visit Thanks for the comment,

    I'm getting ready to leave out of here for a fishing trip and will be back in a couple days , I have a new post I wrote last night and it's going up right now .



  4. Your welcome, I enjoy reading your blog.

    BTW did you cook in the CASI event or at the Wick Fowler one?

    Have a great fishing trip!!

  5. I missed 2 of your posts in the last few days. somethings been up with my blog home page and kept sending me to your older posts. anyway Im catching up on reading them. You got the best pictures that I have seen on a blog D.

    You know , I didnt spend enough time in Terlingua when I was out last. mostly running around the ranch lookin for land. I did get to the front door though. I think it was closed when I was there.

    Anyway, Im sending the Starlight and La kiva a few demo cds of some great California Singer songwriters. eventually I'll figure out how to put their music on this blog. maybe in a year or 2

  6. Ms Belinda ,

    I'm an old fart and ONLY cook at behind the store Shelby / Fowler Chili cookoff in the brisket compition . Too much going on at C.A.S.I. for my taste's
    Although I'm a c.a.s.i. registered team .And I've been there more than 5 times , can i get a h~*# ya !!!! and surivied .

    Off Grid ,

    The Bar dose not open untill 5:00 pm , I been trying to get Glen to open at 4:00 for a long time . no luck for 12 years ,
    maybe we can hookup there one night for open mike and tell some lies !