Sunday, September 13, 2009

S.U.M.C. has Returned to Seabrook after Ike !

I wrote this posting Sunday morning before church , and added a few more pictures from the first service today.

This was today's service at the new building, Dr McCollum was a bit out of his comfort zone when the media started right after service was over, Our local ABC out of Houston.

We chuckle at the situation unfolding in front of the church .

We then shake hands , I think he was humoured by my joke !

The Day has Come , Our church was destroyed by Hurricane Ike , one year to the date . Today we will attend the first service in our new church .

Over the past year I have documented some phases of the new construction ,Was a consultant and church appointed electrical inspector , The electrical contractor did an outstanding "Code Correct" electrical installation .

The link below is worthy of viewing as it also shows the damage from the storm and the finished church. I also have included stills from my files with complete build out . ending with first concrete pour.

A new start for our fellowship , Please enjoy the post today .

It has been a long road to get back up and running .The thought of getting this far in exactly 1 year to the date was "Devinne Intervention" , no doubt about it.
Our fellowship had been meeting at Ed White Elementary School for the last 9 months , And it's good to be back home .
Some may be surprised that I'm involved in the church , But don't !!!
Helps keep me balanced in the world we live in !

Thanks and hope you enjoyed today as this is an Important event for our family and fellowship , Please keep us in your prayers .
and that the way it is,

cheers !


  1. This is wonderful news! I guess that sometimes good things can come from bad events. What a beautiful church. I am very proud of your influence in your church. I am sure your involvement in the church has a powerful influence on those who know you, especially the young. I am thankful for men like you.

    I think I remember you blogging about the church at DMR and that is cool. I guess your Houston church may miss you when you head West.

  2. Thanks Rick

    I'm flattered and Thank You very much for your comment .

    And yes ,I will miss our church as much or more than they will miss me .

    Your a good Christan man and back at ya !!!!

    God is good !


  3. Congratulations on your new church. What a beautiful building. It seems prophetic that it would be a year to the day since the passing of Ike.

    I have lived in Houston for a long time but I had never seen so much destruction in my life and I hope I dont get to see it again in my life time.

  4. Ms Belinda

    Thank You very much, I have been through enough hurricanes and looking forward to getting to the mountains and off the coast for good.I've been in this area for 45+yesrs.

    Ike was the "One" that has changed our perception of coastal living .Love the sea but the mountains are home !

    Glad you enjoyed my new church posting!