Friday, September 4, 2009

Got this Tonight @ 8:18 central !

Got this one tonight @ 8.18 pm Central "We Got a Full Moon a Rising " and as i remember CCR in the good old day's ! got a clue ?

Lets see how old my friends really are ?? (lol)

took a visit @ The Field Lab and jw's got one too !

and that's the way it is ,

check it out !




  1. Beautiful moon shot over Galveston Bay! Another of those things you might miss when all moved to 6000 feet. Nah, JW has already shown you it happens there too!

  2. Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bad Moon Rising...This however is a good moon.

  3. Did you take that photo " up around the bend?" or "down on the corner" close to the "green River?" I know, wasnt too funny but CCR is one of my favorite non country bands. nice moon shot.

  4. jw

    I figured you would get this one !

    very good there also "Off Grid" been a fan since the war .

    how about that moon last night !!!

    thanks TexasMan

    cheers !


  5. I am going to go to Galveston tonight..the moon is still full.

  6. Be carefull the island was gettind crowded early , that why we called the coastal highway off .

    have fun and be safe.