Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Karen Woodward R.I.P.

I have a hard time deciding what I'm posting on any given day,

Today I choose to remember my friend Karen .

She passed 9 years ago today, her final resting place in the Terlingua Cemetery
in Terlingua Texas. That day we put her to rest after a long battle with the cancer , I fulfilled a request she had asked me months before she went .

after the ceremony I had over 100 people and friends and family over to our home for a "Bruce's Far Flung Terlingua Beef" BB-Q dinner in her honer , in the Gost Town across the street from the cemetery where I lived for 5 years.

I still remember the all night domino games and lots of other fun had while you "Lived" and she did live a good life , and still remember her passing like yesterday .

Karen I'm cooking today , Brisket your favorite , for another friend !

And , May You Still Rest in Peace !

I started this late last night/early morning and expect it to be ready by 8:00 pm tonight,

And just in case ya want to tell me about how good your brisket is , Please!!!!

I got it down !!!!

Just in case ya want a sample head out to Terlingua Texas and find
"The LaKiva Bar and Grill" in off Highway 170, 3 miles east of the Gost Town @ Terlingua Creek.
Glen still uses my original recipe's and cook methods , since 2000 .

These have been on for 12 hours and have another 6 to go .

Looks like I need another log on the fire !!

A friend was in a bind and another one of my cook team friends asked me to help a brother out !

So here ya go Sam.
and that's the way it is,
cheers !


  1. What a great tribute to your friend Karen. I am sure wherever she is at she is smiling as you cook her favorite dish.

    You are a good man helping out a fellow brother with your god given cooking talent!!

  2. Bruce , your a good friend to karen. This is how we repsect our friends the most is by bringing them up in recolection at times. KUDOS TO YOU!!! And I didnt just suck up to you for some of your brisket when I see you. Although I must have some, just by looking at it I can tell its the best.

  3. MeBelinda and Off Grid

    Thank you for your kind comments !It was one memorial that the many attended will always remember that afternoon in Terlingua when we laid a good friend to rest !