Wednesday, September 16, 2009

" Canned Living " what is that ?

Definition = Apartment

I have not "rented" in 30 years .

A change of scenes for 8 months = move from our home in Seabrook to Clear Lake City into an apartment.

This means I will have to see every body's gig every day for 8 month's in order to move West to the mountains.The house is sold and the living accommodations
are changing also !

A sacrifice necessary to make this happen for us. No more private boardwalk and hot tube until I resettle in Ft Davis.I will miss our home in Seabrook !

One more party and it's good bye baby !!!

Any way we have selected a great replacement until we go , I'm starting the second home in November and expect completion by May 2010 .

A view from the Club House to main pool.

Main Pool.

Club House.

Club House.

My new view from the "small" back porch.

This trail leads to a center core with grill and tables , also lighted.

Different angle.

Our "New" porch , not quite what I'm used too !!!!!

The presentation at the office is wonderful but these apartment's are not F.E.M.A. trailers and pricey, really wish I could skip this part of relocating .

Only one comfort of home is the attached garage .

When you have reached a time in your life ,when you can get the hell out of Dodge with everything ya own and be able to just move in and go !
You are living the good life !

and that the way it's gonna to be for a while ,guess i need to start a countdown clock ,


  1. Went thru that experience of downsizing after 35 years. Unfortunately I will be in this apartment until my wife retires (one of those things about 6 years difference in age).

    It's OK cause I am drawing our new house (on 4th change at least 1 more to go). Did a lot of building in my head. Haven't decided on location yet. That may force another change.

    I can understand your looking forward to November!

  2. Thanks TexasMan,

    yea this part sucks ,spending money for something you don't own. It's killing me !!!

    but a necessary part of the process.

    good luck on your end



  3. Congratulations on selling your home, in this economy you are very fortunate.

    Your apartment looks like it is in a great setting so I don't think it will be too bad for the couple of months you plan to stay...remember the big picture...what a reward you have coming.