Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last Night !

Last nights party was , as always excellent , good music , friends and eats and drinks,

My wife celebrated her birthday and we said Good Bye to our home on the coast,

I now have 8 months to get #2 ready in the mountains , No problem !

We are ready to split and head back out West ,

Barry moved yesterday and will catch up with me out in Ft Davis sometime in 2011 , at least I can make a few more fishing trips , as he going to keep the boat a few more years ! We will again be neighbors out west .

I'll miss the friendship as neighbors , But Houston's only 600 miles away and a good bike ride to boot.

Flower delivered to my wife !

Empty for now .

My wife and Daughter , They are why I fight for everything I've ever gotten or will ever will have !

The music man Gary Taylor took over the piano for a few before everybody arrived .

TC Smythe and Gary sing a few warm ups .

Another view .

No stage , no amps ,no mikes , totally unplugged.

My brother in law and "Beautiful" .

A shot of some of the crowd. While our daughter plays "Prelude in C" ( Bach )

I get caught in a shot by my wife .

Co workers and neighbors just having a good time .Check out the bald headed guy , that's Jeno , great friend and neighbor !

What the ~/`":%#/~* happened to my buddy Jeno??

We start to break it down after a few hours and visit for one last time as neighbors !

It's not as easy a I make it look , as it saddens my family and myself , leaving such a good block of friends !

Getting close to midnight .

After all are gone only the beauty remains !

Getting ready for the home inspector tomorrow @ 10:00am , then hand off to the appraiser and close this bitch out !
and that's the way it is ,
cheers !


  1. It looks like you guys had a great time.

    Happy belated birthday to your wife.

  2. hey d, you have a lovely family and your friends are gonna always gonna be there too. Im sure youll find a reason to make it back a few times.

    Happy B day mrs bruce, and thanks for sharing your life.

    I move around too much to establish friends like you have. hopefully soon I will be rooted in west texas. you too.

    nite, ps .hey my daughter and yours could become good friends some day. she looks like a good girl.

  3. Thanks Ms Belinda , I think she is over the B-Day thing as she said not to tell everyone .O' well she will get over it (lol)

    Good to hear from ya Off Grid ,

    Well I'm going to be out there soon and hope to become good friends in person !

    I once lived a life style much as yours traveling around the country and did not put down any roots , but all will change as you get closer to building your home and developing the property.

    Congrats , Uncle Marc !!!
    Ive been an uncle for 25 years as I have a brother with 3.

    Don't know if my little girl will be around much as she is heading to college a.s.a.p. depending what she can get from the chosen school and of course what mommy and daddy will pitch in .

    I wish your daughter and mine could become friends and go to Sul Ross for a couple of years before heading out in this world , But she will be in Ft Davis for a short while after she graduates from here .

    I belive she will go to UT and begin
    school in the fall/winter 2010 so a couple of months that we may be able to hook them up !

    I',m breaking ground on # 2 in November with infrastructure and access road.

    If you think about it send me your phone # . I had it but lost it. Would like to chat with ya when it convenient for you