Monday, September 28, 2009

Really Thinking about 6000 Feet !

Been talking a lot about real time things going on in our lives the last few weeks here at sea level,

I'm been thinking a lot about the mountains , as they are calling to me to return !

So went to my files and found a few shots to share today.

Enjoy some of our sunsets .

Taking it easy !

Barry and Michell arrive on the 4 wheeler for a cocktail and visit.

This shot at Barry's place further into the resort , looks like feeding time ?

Barry and myself get caught by my wife's shutter bug instinct . This while we visit his place in the mountains .

The rest of these were taken from our front porch .

We move out of this home soon . Over the next 2 weeks to another address !
Will be breaking ground in November on the upper pad ,
and that's the way it is .
cheers .


  1. Thanks for the eye candy! -Rick, west Texas

  2. Thanks Rick,

    what dates are your oct trip ?


  3. Absolutely spectacular sunsets!!

    Barry and his wife look they attend the CASI chili cook-off?

  4. bb, looks like my October travels will be taking me to north towards the Guadalupe Mountains for a few days. I will miss the Davis Mountains but will be there at the state park for a week during Christmas break. Hopefully I will be able to say hello to you then.

    I know you will be building during that time and wish you good weather for your work time.


  5. Hello MsB.
    No they have not had the adventure of the C.A.S.A. , Yet !!!

    They are kinda new to this shocking way of life !(lol) But they have a great guide for the November party from hell .

    Well im sorry to miss you in the late fall ,but am looking foward to seeing you at the december visit , remember you are welcome to plug in at my place. As a regular Christmas week visit to Ft Davis you are a welcome guest !
    Is your camper a 30 amp service ? let me know .



  6. I thought I commented on this post?

    oh well just stoppin by. nice photos!! see ya soon I hope.