Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gulf Fishing one Final Post

Barry's finger is sore , but doing fine !

A shot of Barry getting some seawater for wash down.

Another fine sunset on Saturday evening .This will be gone in 15 minutes .

A lonely shrimper on our way home , the sun has gone down and only ambient light still remains .

The next morning came to quick , trucks to be unloaded , boat needs to be washed , ice chests to be cleaned , fishing gear cleaned , and of course the fish .

As we were running on empty during this Sunday morning exercise , that big fish got really heavy !

And we finally know , In April 2007 Barry took a 82 pound wahoo , I got him by 4 pounds , mine 86 .

Taking measurements .

One of 3 amber jacks .

Washing down big boy.

A truly Great fishing trip , one for the books !
I choose not to document the next step of cleaning 300 pounds of fish , Just know it's not pretty .
Thanks for letting me play this out over this last few days , I enjoyed the comments .

and that's the way it is !


  1. I have been trying to comment for the last 3 days now but somethings been up with the blogger site or its your site bruce.

    Your posts dont update on my dash board like the others. and I wasnt able to comment unitl now.

    Anyway, I was able to read your post on your fishing trip. great phots and play by play. I felt like I was there. I know you are not gonna stay away from the deep water for long. Its in your blood.