Friday, September 4, 2009

Off the Wall stuff !

Been busy the last few days , Got the apartment we wanted .

It will be nice with no maintenance , but I love our home in Seabrook ,

This is my daughters cat or should I say Ocecat , He is not the ordinary garden variety cat , He is a mistake , Domestic with Ocelot's trait's and markings , he got spots on his sides and belly , about 2 feet long , huge back legs and an 18 inch tail , I'm sorry but he is a "cool cat ". I guess he wants to wash his feet ?

A close view of " Ozzie " He will come to the mountains with my wife and myself while she goes off to college . The Ocelot breed is from the West Texas area and he loves the mountains .
Another sunset off the porch

As you see it is clear in Texas , the weather will change , that quick !

To This !!!

This was going around , just in case you have not seen it .
You got it now !
Rated PG-17 not for children.
The roadrunner and coyote

and thats the way it is !
cheers !


  1. That's a great looking cat. But then again I've always been partial to those kind of markings on a cat. The exception was my orange striped cat, Tiger. He was the best cat, more like a dog in his affection, loyalty and willingness to please. If ever a cat could have been man's best friend, Tiger would fit the bill.

    Just so you know, I'm married to the crazy cat lady. We (she) have 9 cats, but she tells me we won't get anymore. And I think, to myself, "Yeah, right, that is until the next stray kitten comes knocking on our door".f

    Thanks for the pics, I enjoyed them.

  2. Loved the cartoon! How do you get the video imbedded into your text like that. I have done it with youtube, but yours is different. Yours sais "blogger" by the video window.

  3. Hey Allen

    next to your "add photos" link on the compose screen , next to that is a "add video" link

    but first,

    download and "save" a wmv to your my video's on your C/drive ,or what ever folder you want.

    open bloger , click "add video" tab , click browse find your saved wmv , select and click "add video" ,It took about 4 min's to up load .then click done.if you are doing other composing and adding still photos along with the video , the html codes can be frustrating and give ya some trouble ,




  4. Thanks czardastx,

    glad ya stopped by !

    cheers !