Sunday, September 27, 2009

U-Tube vidoe for Jeka .

If anyone cares to take a look at this , It's my daughter playing piano .This is a
birthday present for her friend in Russia .

It's worth a look,


and that's the way it is '



  1. I will earmark this so I can see it when I go to the library.

    That is the one thing that ticks me off about Del Rio, they do not have DSL...even John Wells in the desert has DSL!!! A city the size of Del Rio not to have it is shameful.

    The only high speed internet we get is Roadrunner but you have to subscribe to Time Warner Cable and it is quite costly.

    Oh well I will continue with my dial-up connection until we get civilized...

  2. I'm sorry to hear that MsBelinda,

    I have spent a little time in Del R .would figure that ATT would have DSL there !!!

    D.R. used to be a stop on our motorcycle trips . and of cource a trip across the border to Ma Crosbys for a fishbowl margrita !!!

    I hope you can view the u-tube of my daughter .

    Yea I know about RR and yea they are $$ .
    Last year they left the houston area and comcast took there place and there even more
    this is what we use , but it's fast !

    Once you go broadband it's hard to go back!



  3. Wish we had AT&T...the Del Rio area is serviced by Verizon.