Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Different View

A few shots from my trip yesterday along the Galveston Bay area in Seabrook TX

This , in my neighborhood as a park !

Pine Gully Park in Seabrook

A perfect shot , The pier and park , are open to the public

Another pier shot

These guys were at the low bridge on Toddville Rd and Galveston Bay.

This place "Rocks" and has the best seafood in the area .

This is the same place in the late 60's

And again in the 50's

Only a few made it past Ike last year .

A few creatures take time to rest !


  1. Great photos, I haven't been to the TX coast in a few years. Thanks for a 'fix'.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my place too.

    Just to let you know, still cigarette free. Will be 3 weeks tomorrow. My biggest worry now is the 7 hour drive I'm making to Ft. Davis next week. Going to have to stock up on Altoids and Smarties to chew on when I get the urge to smoke as I'm driving.

    I'll make it though, there's a little bit of heaven on earth at the end of the drive.

    Take care.

  3. I read you vacation plans ,

    looks like your going to have to bite the bullet on the long drive,good luck and don't give up now . the hard part over and you have saved 130.00 bucks @ 1 pack a day,I look at the bottom line !(lol)

    If ya got the time , check out the nature trail highway 166 loop before you go,
    I hope jw takes good care of ya down south as it's a blast to visit the Field Lab .
    Take a 18 pk of gift beers for john he will be very happy.
    tell him to put up the flags I sent him ,and make sure he hangs the Texas flag the right way up
    have a safe trip,