Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Trip Back to the Coast.

I took a day off yesterday for my B-Day . I believe its been 1 month since I started this mind trap they call a "Blog".

I am going to get another point and shoot camera to carry with me on my bike instead of the Nikon D-80 . The photography my wife and I do is mostly a trail and legacy for our daughter in the future . We think we are pretty cool parents and our lives on digital media seems to prove it without a doubt.

The blog has given us a way to share our progress to the mountains , Our target date is June 2010 . Got a contract on the home in Seabrook in the works . This will get me back in the region so I can begin building a total "Green Home" completely off grid the right way. Our plans to build on the upper pad have already been drawn up and working on building the material list .

Construction materials are at an all time low in Texas so this recession in America will actually give me the upper hand during the next 6 months of construction.

In the future posting things will start to become a struggle as I hammer out yet another house on top of a rock.

Please enjoy our trip back to the coast.

Heading out ,

Welcome to downtown FT Davis ,This is the main drag

These are shots from the car of AEP Farms . I was a contract electrician on this project for 11 months of construction

This complex is 40 acres under glass

Here is another view of Downtown Ft Davis.

The local grocery store.
There are a few signs right on the edge of town , you can chose to go home or not !
A formation off 118 shot from the car @ 70 mph . You got to love the Nikon on sports mode.

Texas at last count has become the largest wind power producing state ,we overtook California this year These were right of I-10 just East of Ft Stockton . I am going to do some research on the company erecting the many towers you can see from the highway. the mile marker on I-10 that you can see these monsters start around # 320 - 275 going West on I-10.
See ya tomorrow with something to comment about.
and that's the way its going to be !


  1. Thanks for the photos, Ive been there before. To my recollection that store has quite a big selection. You wouldnt think so from looking out side but inside wow! I only stopped at the store though and never really got to see the town or the fort. It looks like I really missed out. Next time.

  2. Oh and good luck on your green home. I wish I was there!

  3. PLEASE come back as soon as you can...I am dying to see what you've been up too. Well since "Off Grid Terlingua" and I are wishing to be there...have you ever thought about a commune of sorts. That way we ALL can live at 6000 feet. Just let us know when! Awww just kidding...I think! *giggle*!!!

  4. Isnt this a earlier post? where have you been?

    havnt seen you in a while. hope everything is ok.