Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A few things I have done out here .

Gumo this is for you, A look a the RV park in "The D.M.R." its located next door to the store off the main entry road, telephone # 432-426-2600.

It's tucked back off the road in the wooded area below ,Phillis has 10 30 amp sites with sewer ,water , grill (wood or charcoal) and individual site lighting with a switch for your site.

In 2008 I was contracted to revamp the electrical sections of the park including service panel and branch feeders , below is one of the new service poles.

The original design of the park left me little to work with , After a little thought here is what I came up with . All sites have 30 amp 120 volt connections. Of course being the rainy season its a little grown over ,but that's a good thing in the high desert . the burn ban is finally canceled .

This laundry and shower facility was another challenge ,this building was not originally designed to support the RV park in full. Phillis has brought it back to life with clean and roomy showers and several washers and dryers. The electrical was brought up to code during the revamp of the pad sites.

Yesterday afternoon the rain came in around 3:30 pm and wanted to hang around for the rest of the afternoon into the evening . I tried to freeze the drops in the camera shot ?

A look across the valley during the rain !

A look from the front porch during the same storm.

Well you can see the sun setting to the West and rain drops still falling !

The little cabin is very private and tucked into the side of our mountain .We always fly the American and Texas flags .Warning your messing with the real deal here !

Some of the group was feeding during and after the second wave of rain.

I think my rainfall total for the day was around 1/2" or more on Tuesday the 11 th.

Still feeding or just hoping I will throw some more corn ?

The deer have just recently started crossing the pad just beyond the front porch entry.Maybe I dropped some corn ? Anyway it's nice to see the deer moving early this year .

High temp August 10th 84 degrees
Low this morning a brisk 57 @ 5:40 am
and thats the way it is !


  1. Thanks for the photo tour. I will make my next visit at the DMR tv park. I sure like the store.

  2. bruce, your mail landed in my spam folder, my return might be in there too.

  3. nice photos by the way!

  4. Cool. Thanks for showing the RV park. I'll hit that instead of Davis Mtn SP next time. I'm very jealous of that rain, since I'm in over-parched central TX.

  5. I have friends who live in the DMR and when I visit them, it is always peaceful and quiet. It is almost like "Mayberry" of the mountains...

  6. Anyone know where is the best place to get a holster for a 1877 44 revolver replica. I guess I could order it from cabellas where I got it. but Im thinkin custom