Sunday, August 2, 2009

Some of the "Locals" that call this home .

The entrance road to the D.M.R. about 2 miles in before you start to climb above the 6000ft elevation .

Today i have searched my files for wildlife we contend with at the cabin

here is a small problem if he gets in your boots while you sleep.a common practice I employed in the desert was to keep my boots upside down when i took them off and shook them out before I put then back on

Look close in the center of this picture.

I believe this to be an egg sack of a spider , anyone know what kind ?

A better look at the scorpion .

This is a summer resident , 6 point mule in velvet. on the upper pad. I have seen him for the last three years during summer months.

a centipede I found by the front door hanging onto my keys.

This is a red fox that roams around Barry's house, he is not camera shy.

Now this is our worst threat ,but he can also be beneficial for mice and rat control, this one was found in July and we moved him further up the mountain side , 29 inch with 11 rattles. not sure if this is a Mojave ? any one have a book let me know
This little horned toad or lizard was found in the mechanical room at the cabin


  1. You have quite a few, nasty little friends up there.

    I cant see the spider in the pic, but what I used to do in Arizona is hang my boots up from a wire hanger no spiders and scorpions ever got in. Also sprayed around the front porch to kill anything living, sorry I know its not eco friendly but neither is introducing poison to my leg or foot from some little nasty pest.

  2. Hey there Off Grid, click the picture it should open full pixal .I think i shot that @ 2 mil pixals. Good practice with the boots , any one who lives in this area will find a way to keep ya safe from these critters as they hurt when they bite.
    Ever seen a rattler like the one shown ? he was very fat meaning he was not missing many meals ,Could not bring myself to destroy him so we caught him and relocated away from where he had been nesting. And by the way there in your neighborhood also !

    where are you at on your water system ? did you go to e-bay ?


  3. yes, Ic it now. I did come across a few Diamond backs, I never destroyed them either.

    I replied about the water system , THANKS!!!

    Im gonna go with a 1/2 horse with a tank attached. wont suck too much juice for just me and will be cheaper outright and more reliable.

  4. Do you see these critters all the time?

  5. Just as bad as living in Australia. I'm 30 minutes from Sydney and we get snakes, redback spiders, white tips, the mozzies are the size of daddy long legs.

  6. Welcome

    Glad to have someone from "Down Under" checking out the high desert in Texas.

    I'm glad you have taken a intrest in my material and pains of trying to get out of the big city, Houston Texas.

    keep up and enjoy the ride !


  7. here in los angelos there is a sure fire way to get rid of snakes. Its called a divorce. but the lingering effects has a name here too, its called alimony.