Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Reason we want to Live in the Mountains

On September 12th 2008 around 10:20 pm Hurricane Ike raised his ugly head on the Texas coast making landfall in Galveston/Houston area. Our home lies 5 blocks from Galveston Bay

This is what we came home to 31 days after the storm had done it's damage. Just think we were lucky ! In the Kemah /Seabrook area many coastal residents lost everything.

Sarai starts college next year and is thinking Yale . wish her well !

We on the other hand are going West .

It is time for us to leave behind all of the fire drills of evacuating the coast when a storm comes close. The high cost of the insurance etc , just to live on the bay ! I would much rather take the mountains over the sea any day! sure will miss the fishing but got friends that will never give up the coast.

This 50ft black willow snapped like a twig , winds reported in this neighborhood @ 119 mph.

The water oak in front yard was well trimmed for this season, ha ha

The tower cactus were blown down but still grow today.

We just got the crap kicked out of us!

So i need a reason to stay ???????????

The night before the storm hit September 11th 2008

This is a private beach in our community at the end of the block. These were shot the evening of the 11th , The storm was heading straight at Galveston Island and we were under voluntary evacuation at this time.

I really did not believe these guys had a clue that they where in danger , They only wanted to know if I was going to post the pictures on my-space page. I told them to get the hell away from the beach and be ready to leave Houston asap because there would be hard times in the days following the storm, don't think it even rang a bell !

A view down the walk way to the deck area

Our front yard , the tower cactus were around 22ft before the storm

A view from the front entry to the street after all of our potted plants where put inside the garage and some newly acquired replants where laid to the side and moved to backyard.

I left the day the storm hit and stayed in southwest Houston that night with my 83 year old mother ,the next morning we loaded the truck and went to Austin for 11 days, Mother returned to her home in Houston and I followed my family to the cabin in Ft Davis for the next 20 days, was glad to have the cabin as it served us well during the displacement period plus we were in heaven while most folks stuck in the Houston area where going through hell !

and that's the way it was !

see ya tomorrow.


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