Monday, August 3, 2009

How Beautiful it get's out West !

While I was looking for material today , I looked at some of our sunsets shot from the front porch. During the years we have quite a few "Postcard" shots. This is just one of many reasons we chose to retire in this location. Most of these were shot with a Nikon D-80 @ 2mill pixels with the Nikon DX / Nikor S-AF 18 x 135 lens, these were shot on the fly no "stick" or tripod on these.

and that's the way it is !
see ya tomorrow .


  1. Thats what I keep trying to tell people, but you know that sometimes you just got to see for your self. Too bad mst people dont even want to give it a chance.

    Im gonna have to get up in the mountains and see what your talking about.

  2. Your welcome to come up "North" anytime I'm around.Its about 1 1/2 hours from the ranch road and 118.