Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A New Start for Barry and a Better Driveway for us.

I sit on top a large rock as Rodger works Barry's raw land into a driveway and pad.

His project was a downhill design unlike mine that was uphill. Different challenge with good results.

Able to access his property for the first time with a vehicle.

The look from the road after the Case 850 did all the work.

The same day Rodger was at my place to finish off my drive way and cut out some more pad for a turn around. We talk about what his ideas are .

The advantages of a good piece of equipment, The real deal = POWER !

The day ended with a drive that originally was very narrow to a 18 foot wide approach .

A real Work Horse ! and a good operator can change your quality of life in just a few short hours . This shot was at Barry's before the blade ever touched the ground .

The cost for this I will keep to myself . I have know Rodger for many years and was glad to see him again.
Building infrastructure is always a pain in the ass , Sometimes it's not what you know , But who you know !
Always have a plan and use the right contractor for the job ,You can't get this done any other way.
This project was completed in a 8 hour day including walking the dozier 2 1/2 mile between the 2 sites. Well worth the cost .
and that's the way it is .
cheers !

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