Friday, August 14, 2009

The High Desert during the rainy season .

These first 5 pictures were taken at JW's place except for the stop by at JD's memorial .
The elevation is around 3250 feet

This is part of the yucca family . safe haven for birds . A Spanish dagger or bayonet out here.

This cactus is referred to as a "Horse Crippler"

A friends shrine , South of Alpine heading to "The Field Lab" been going here for over 10 years to share a beer with "JD" . Dan and myself made this Celtic cross for him .

These shots below were taken at the 6000 ft elevation . My wife always finds the softer side of the rugged high desert .

This cactus fell off the side of our cliff and was growing up-side down , It looks better right side up !
She also got nipped by a small scorpion while replanting , but she has already been bitten in a past life , just some minor pain and swelling ,was ok 45 minuets later , don't think I'm joking about this , scorpions are bad little creatures and it was an unforeseen accident to an experienced desert girl.

We took this home to see if it will grow here ???

Back on the coast , low this morning a balmy 84 degrees and 90 % humidly
Thanks jw for the use of your site for some pictures.
and that's the way it is !

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  1. I love those little yellow flowers, I dont know about you. When theres a sea of brown and rock even the most modest small group of flowers makes me stop and look and enjoy. thanks for the photos