Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bobs house "Solid as a Rock" !

Hello Folks, In the few years we have onwed our proptery in Ft Davis we have made many friends, Today I have the pleasure of showing a very unique home of one of my neighbors, Bob.

Sarai and myself check out the local grasses on Bobs lower wetlands he created .Notice the rock alligator in the grass.

My daughter stands beside one of Mr Acres 4 dams made from local collected rock and some really good 7 shovel concrete mix and a lot of labor !

At first impression "The Rock" the house sat on !

Bob hail's from the Houston / Galvestion area like myself , This little pond is on another lower path leading to this cozy sitting area .

From his proptery evelation 6090 feet , he has a comanding view of the duck pond , The contrast with his other water features is evident. This place is beautiful beyond words !

Sarai and dad sit and pose for a shot on the front porch, notice the rock work on the main support beams. they are huge they are 30 inches wide and 24 inches thick with # 7 / 3/4 inch rebare caged and connected at each conner! This place did not go up over night and will be here many years after we are gone.

A nice shot of this beautifully home ,He started this project in 1987 and finished in 2001.

Another water feature to sit and have a coctail by!

Mr Acres , Sarai and myself gaze into his goldfish pond ! This is the spillway dam and falls sharply over the edge of his mountain.
A closer view of his lower sitting area.

Here is Bob ,when I took this picture he was 78 years old ,He stoped by last time we where there in July and he is now 80 and still acting like a 40 year old ,Bob belives that a cold Bubwiser is a Good thing!

A look off Bobs back porch looking North towards Skyline Dr the highest driveable road in Texas @ 7190 ft . the only access to this road is through our community which is private ! Also another good look at the pond.
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Went deep sea fishing yesterday and blew a 250 hp mercury in the process. Glad we have two and where only 24 miles out of Galveston. So a story for another day .
and that's the way it is .
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  1. Wow , you live in such a nice valley. the trees are so cool.