Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ft Davis we have a problem !

Nothing is ever easy up here , In July we arrived to an empty water tank , I remember that we had left about 350 gallons before we departed during spring break. We had Ron come by and top us off .

Last night when I checked the storage tank , just to make sure ! Sure enough down to the outlet pipe again. And just enough water for the evening.

Did some checking and found 1 broken coupling and a bad o-ring seal around tank body.

OK no problem ! broke out the 460's and torqued that back in place.

I searched my plumbing supplies to find the 1 inch 9o degree fitting , but not today !!!

Just figured it was meant to be, no water until Monday morning when the hardware store opened @ 8:00 am . My wonderful wife suggested a call to Ft D and just check to see if ?
So I called Higginbotham Ace Hardware which I know to be closed on Sunday's , but to my amazement Robert answered the phone on the 3rd ring. So after a few moments of chatting he had already put the 1 inch fitting on the front porch behind the trash can .
He was only up there because of a store printer problem that needed to be back on-line by Monday morning. By the time I got there he was on his way out and waved as I pulled up .
Mission accomplished and always listen to your wife as you know a women's intuitions ! They are always right !

So cut off the broken pipe back about an inch or so and little primer and pvc glue , we got water on the way as I write this , so the story goes like this .
When things don't go as planed , keep the faith , God willing and the creeks don't rise ! There is a way to over come the odds.
You can't always get what you want , but if you try sometimes you get what ya need !
You have to love small town U.S.A.
Low temp @ 6am 63 degrees with 51 % humidity , about a 1/4 inch of rain last night.
Raining at this time 3:30 pm.
and that's the way it is !


  1. Hey D, what do you think about a flex line going from your tank to the pvc? It might help in case of future movement of your tank or lines. Which I suspect is why the 90degree area came apart.

  2. ya i know i need to go with some aqua-pex , never had problems untill this year .

    it will make the list this time ! winters can be a bitch up here and it's time to get ready.

    everthing good on your end ?


  3. Yeah, but Im so impatient right now. I wish I was there.

    if you put flex hose on , then build a box around it and fill it with spray foam, it might be ok even in the super cold.

  4. When the plumbing company I work for decided to start offering pex piping with manablock the first thing 2 of our guys did was to take about 1' piece of the pex and cap off one end fill with water and cap off the other end and put in freezer. Swelled up almost double. Took it out after frozen solid. Thawed and no leak. Repeated that numerous times to reassure us that it was true. We couldn't have done that with galvanized, copper or cpvc pipe!

    Small town neighbors! I live in Spring and have been ready to get out of Houston area. Now looking towards your direction. I knew it was quite a drive but I had forgotten how long it takes. It has been 35+ years since my last trip out that direction (honeymoon).

  5. Thanks TexasMan.

    I knew that my feeder pipe out of schedule 40 was "Not" going to last very long anyway in the harsh conditions during the winter months, and there ya have it.

    I got some aqua-pex in the garage here in Seabrook , just need to borrow a swedge tool from Joe The Plumber (lol) for the couplings and it a done deal. and Joe is really a plumber !

    The product is a good one for sure. the coupling are a little pricey but quality is good.

    Thanks for visiting my site and drop in when ya can .

    cheers !